the 3rd integrated water ressources management conference

Algerian Association of Hydrogeology with the Collaboration of The Mobilization and Water resources management Laboratory (LMGRE) 

The 3rd IntegratedWater Resources Management Conference 

GIRE 3, jointly organized by AAH and MGRE, is an extension of GIRE 1 and 2, organized in 2009 and 2013. Additionally to the scientific meeting, will be held in special session the 1st congress of the Algerian Association of Hydrogeology with the aim to create a tradition of meetings of academics, industrialists, stakeholders, decision makers and public from the civil society in general, in order to create a dynamic of consultation at through debates and exchanges on the main theme, a sustainable management of water resources.

These meetings will have as main objectives the update of the knowledge of the hydrosystems of Algeria, the diffusion of new knowledge (different methods and tools of management and preservation
of the water resources), the Establishment of a sustainable communication network for all researchers and decision-makers involved in water management as well as the involvement of young researchers and students in this dynamic.
Algeria is known to be one of the most water-deficit areas, even though in the southern part of the Sahara, it has great potential for groundwater that is very slightly renewable. This is not only due to the low and irregular rainfall, but also to the practices and mismanagement of water resources.
Despite adherence to concepts that seem theoretically more appropriate, such as integrated water resources management that takes into account all scientific and socio-economic aspects for sustainable management of water resources, and even if the national average of provision of drinking water has been noted, we continue to suffer destocking states of aquifers and a deterioration of the quality of water resources.
The main mission of the AAH will be to become part of a national process of consultation to address this challenge through coordination between the different water actors, at the national level and
cooperation on a global scale.

- Fractured and karst systems Hydrogeology.
- Hydrogeology of SASS.
- The Atlas border Hydrogeology.
- Hydrogeology of coastal aquifers.
- Groundwater resource management and governance.
-Water quality and pollution processes.
- Urban hydrogeology.
-Modeling of aquifers and water information systems.
- Protection of water resources.
-Water Resources and Climate Change.
- Artificial recharge of aquifers.
- Socio-economic development and geoethics.
- Plenary sessions.

  • Technical sessions
  • (Oral) Posters

-Workshops :
AAH Special Session (General Assembly): 16/04/2020 starting from 09 AM
Workshop :  
Theme Radio Isotopes Date : 14/04/2020 starting from 09h00 AM
Registration procedures will be communicated after attendance confirmation PROCEEDINGS
All selected works will be published in a special issue of the AAH newsletter. Selected articles will be published in an international journal.
Principal Languages of the Conference :
Arabic, English, French.