Workshop Honorary Chair:

Dr. Tayeb BOUZID

Rector of the University of Batna 2

Workshop Chairman :

Pr. Toufik OUTTAS

Head of the Laboratory of Structural Mechanics and Materials



President : MADANI Salah - University of Batna 2 Algeria


  • BOUABDALLAH Tawfik – National polytechnic School Oran-Algeria
  • DERARDJA Akila - University of Batna 2 Algeria
  • MESMOUDI Kamel - University of Batna 2 Algeria
  • RAMTANI Salah - Paris 13 University France
  • KANIT Toufik - Lille 1 University France
  • AMIROUCHE Farid - Université de Illinois –Chicago - USA
  • KADDOURI Wahid - University of Batna 2 Algeria
  • BOURNET Pierre-Emmanuel -Agrocampus ouest Angers France
  • BENHIZIA Abdenour - University of Batna 2 Algeria
  • ATI Abdelaziz -University of Bejaia Algeria
  • SI AMEUR Mohamed - University of Batna 2 Algeria
  • ZIDANI Kamel -. University of Batna 2 Algeria
  • MAZOUZ Hamoudi - University of Batna 2 Algeria
  • MESSAOUDI Laid - University of Batna 2 Algeria
  • BARKAT Belkacem - University of Batna 2 Algeria
  • BRIOUA Mourad - University of Batna 2 Algeria
  • BENMOUSSA Hocine - University of Batna 2 Algeria
  • MIHI Abdelkader - University of Batna 2 Algeria
  • DJABALLAH Yassine –UHLBatna 1 Algeria
  • REBIAI Charif - University of Batna 2 Algeria


  • SAIDANI Noreddine
  • OUTTAS Toufik
  • MADANI Salah
  • DERARDJA Akila
  • MESMOUDI Kamel
  • ACHOURI Samir
  • MASMOUDI Mohamed
  • KADDOURI Wahid
  • BATACHE Djamel
  • ZAOUCH Boubaker
  • BOUGUERNE Fattouma
  • BOURIH Abdellah
  • BENHIZIA Abdenour
  • BOUSSAHA Ahmed
  • LEBCHEK Kamel
  • MENASRIA Mourad
  • AGOUNE Nora
  • BOUKHORS Soulef
  • BOURIH Kaouther
  • DJEBARA Youcef
  • BENNACER Hamza
  • FEDAOUI Kamel
  • HAOUES Nacira
  • HACHICHI Wassim


The international workshop iwmsm 2018 is a scientific event in which the opportunity is given to international scientists, physicists, chemists, mathematicians, PhD students and engineers to discuss and network the newest research works in materials technology. Especially, the development of new materials and processes, novel methods of analysis and characterization, modelling, sophisticated techniques.

This workshop will focus on three main areas: the calculation and modeling of structures, the study of Mechanical Behavior of Materials and their characterization and the interaction between coupled physical phenomena (thermal-fluids-structures).

Batna 2 University is the official workshop site, providing, in this way, a support for the development of the region which is in full industrial expansion.


The Workshop is organized in plenary talks by renowned Invited Researchers, thematic workshops and poster sessions.

IWMSM 2018 promises to be an exciting meeting, both scientifically and culturally. It provides a binding platform for researchers, PhD students, technologists, and manufacturers to network together, exchange ideas, and overcome currently pressing issues related to materials technology. Also, This event will provide an excellent opportunity for delegates to meet new collaborators, and develop their knowledge of current topics in an attractive and friendly environment.


1.Mechanics of heterogeneous materials

2.Biomechanics and biomaterials

3.Multiscale modeling and simulation

4.Materials characterization

5.Thin films and interfaces

6.Composite and Smart Materials

7.Dynamics and Vibration

8.Engineering Materials

9.Engineering Systems Design and Analysis

10.Heat and Mass Transfer

11.Material Science and Processing

12.Nanomaterial Engineering

13.Advanced Materials

14.Structural Dynamics